Nathan B Phillips


Hello, I’m Nathan Phillips and this podcast is an invitation to join me on my mission to learn how to build a business, be a part of community, engage in politics, and just… live in a post-trust world. What do I mean by “post trust world” and what does it look like? Let’s start by taking a snapshot of where we are in America right now.

Let me take this moment to make one thing clear, I am not here because I think I have the answers or some special insight to truth. I’m here to continue my journey of learning how to find truth, build trust, and bring like-minded people together..

Episode Recap

I want to continue learning how we can work together, in our local communities to not just survive in these challenging and chaotic times, but how to thrive through relying on each other, building trust with each other, and overcoming the divisive powers that constantly seek to distract and upset us.

As Alexander de Tocqueville said in his famous book, Democracy in America, “It is clear that if each citizen, as he becomes individually weaker and consequently more incapable in isolation of preserving his freedom, does not learn the art of uniting with those like him to defend it, tyranny will necessarily grow with equality.”

There are a few topics I am going to explore on this podcast since I see them as critical to these goals:

  • Impact Investing
  • Decentralization
  • Mutualism
  • Community Building

What is the purpose of this podcast? This is me seeking answers to the questions and challenges I’ve mentioned today and hoping to build a community of people seeking the same. This is not a podcast for me to earn money, get famous, become another “guru” or add to the noise of our media landscape.

I hope to find truth in a post-truth world, learn how to build trust in a post-trust world, and bring people together that are seeking the same things.

Without truth, there is only noise. Without trust, there is only chaos. And without either, power belongs to those who control the noise and the chaos.

I think we’re already heading down that road, and I don’t have the answer to how we prevent that from happening, but I do know that I need to take determined action against it, in league with others seeking the same goals, and this podcast is one way I’m pursuing that mission.

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