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Kelly Sheehan, Senior Director of Energy Campaigns for the Sierra Club, shares her thoughts on building community and transitioning the US from a fossil fuel industry.

  • Kelly discusses current events such as the 20+ new gas export facilities being proposed for the Gulf Coast that will increase fracking, pipeline expansion, and other fossil fuel investment in the US
  • She works closely with local communities and committed citizens to raise awareness of the environmental impact of the fossil fuel industry in order to bring about change with elected officials, investors, regulators, and more
  • When she builds a community, Kelly states that both talking and listening are critical to bringing people together, sharing information, and organizing groups to take action
  • If you’re looking to get involved in your community, Kelly recommends finding information and local groups at and learning how to talk about tough issues with each other to overcome division and find the pathway forward

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world: indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Three Things This Week

  1. The Social Recession – loneliness and disconnection is on the rise but there’s hope… and it lies in being part of community with each other
  2. Blue Sky by Jack Dorsey – a decentralized social media platform with portable accounts and algorithmic choice
  3. DiscMaster – view and download classic computer programs that have only been available on floppy disc or CDs until now

Guest Bio

Kelly Sheehan is the Senior Director of Energy Campaigns for the Sierra Club, where she leads a national effort to advance climate justice and a transition off of fossil fuels. Kelly joined the Sierra Club in 2012. She has been an environmental activist by passion and by trade for the past twenty years, directing campaigns to protect the environment, training and engaging people to participate in our democracy, and building a movement for social change. Kelly lives in Asheville, NC with her children. She was honored as Best Environmentalist by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and you can often find her exploring trails and rivers in the Appalachian Mountains. Connect with Kelly @EcoKelly on Instagram and @KellyAVL on Twitter.

The climate listening project is listening to artists and activists working together in the gulf coast. Now there are 20+ LNG export terminals proposed along the Gulf Coast. These are huge liquid natural gas export facilities where all the pipelines bring the gas to the coast to ship it overseas with fossil fuel companies profiting billions. It’s dangerous. Connect via

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

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