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Shawn Gold is a #1 Bestselling Author with 4 books plus author of world’s first graphic novel for self-help, mental health, and self improvement, has a film in pre-production, former Miami night life ninja, i s launching a venture fund, contributor at, an open gateway between founders and investors across the world, host of Pitch Deck Roast (pimp the podcast), and a former contestant on Jeopardy.

This Week I Learned

  1. Scientists are finding fungi in cancer cells. Some are questioning if they speed up the growth of the tumors or not and they are certainly running more tests to determine what this discovery means. Fungi are incredible creatures responsible for so many positive things in our world so I’m hopeful for the results of the ongoing research.
  2. which allows you to discover sounds across a seemingly infinite # of genres. So if you’re just looking for a new sound or really want to get into sovietwave? Turkish trap pop? Vietnamese bolero? Norwegian americana? Japenese jazztronica… it’s all at complete with playlists and more ways to find new music.
  3. If you haven’t been to yet… you need to go! There are countless charts showing the economic impact in the US since 1971 when Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. It’s a fascinating look “behind the scenes” of fiat money and Modern Monetary Theory.

Episode Recap

Shaun first shares his thoughts about the emerging “Silicon Swamp” aka Miami. As a 20+ year veteran of the city (and former night life ninja), he has no shortage of opinions about the city becoming a new tech hub in America!

On the matter of trust, Shaun has insightful advice into building trust in professional environments. The simple rules to it are:

  • Your word is your bond
  • Always deliver
  • Be available
  • Be responsive
  • Be professional
  • Be honorable

However, that does not begin to capture the fullness of Shaun’s advice! Listen to the episode to hear why these rules were created and the experiences that shaped them. After years of having “the good luck of having bad luck” Shaun has learned these lessons through hard work and experience across multiple industries.

Everyone wants to look the part and everyone wants to be successful online, but if you want to be truly successful and trustworthy, you have to put in the work and be responsible.

Shaun Gold

Shaun also hosts a monthly “Pitch Deck Roast” where him and a VC roast pitch decks from new startups. It’s hilarious and helpful! Catch up on prior episodes on Youtube and subscribe to future events on Eventbrite!

Guest Bio

Shaun Gold is the true definition of a polymath. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, 2x best-selling author, international speaker, advisor and super connector to start-ups and standouts, Jeopardy contestant, and screenwriter.

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