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Shawn Gold is a #1 Bestselling Author with 4 books plus author of world’s first graphic novel for self-help, mental health, and self improvement, has a film in pre-production, former Miami night life ninja, is launching a venture fund, contributor at, an open gateway between founders and investors across the world, host of Pitch Deck Roast (pimp the podcast), and a former contestant on Jeopardy.

This Week I Learned

  1. Pomp’s Crypto Academy –
  2. Learn how money is created in a :Fractional Reserve System and how $1,000 created by the Federal Reserve gets turned into $10,000 in the economy (and how that’s necessarily a good thing) –
  3. The Dodd Frank Act has this fun little feature often referred to as a “bail in” where in the case of insolvency and the bank is deemed too big to fail, they get to claim the money in their accounts. Even if it’s yours. It’s called the Orderly Liquidation Authority and you might want to learn more about it:
  4. Celsius, a bankrupt crypto exchange, released financial information about every single one of its users. This is why I always emphasize for people use decentralized systems ONLY for crypto services. Just because it’s crypto, doesn’t mean it’s safe:

Episode Recap

Shaun is the content creator for is an open-source gateway between founders and investors where hundreds of pitch decks are sent every week directly to founders. If you are considering raising money or playing the startup game, this is the place to go.

In this episode, Shaun shares a lot of great information and helpful insights for founders, entrepreneurs, or anyone interested in learning more about this space. And it all starts with being exceptional and resilient!

I tell founders all the time: find something you enjoy doing every day and figure out how to make a living from it.

Shaun Gold

I tell founders all the time: find something you enjoy doing every day and figure out how to make a living from it.

Shaun also hosts a monthly “Pitch Deck Roast” where him and a VC roast pitch decks from new startups. It’s hilarious and helpful! Catch up on prior episodes on Youtube and subscribe to future events on Eventbrite!

Guest Bio

Shaun Gold is the true definition of a polymath. He is a lifelong entrepreneur, 2x best-selling author, international speaker, advisor and super connector to start-ups and standouts, Jeopardy contestant, and screenwriter.

Learn more at &

Cover photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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