Nathan B Phillips

Month: September 2022

dark patterns in web design

Dark Patterns in Web Design

Dark Patterns in Web Design The concept of ‘dark patterns’ refers to design principles that trick users into making certain actions. These techniques are used in various contexts and in various forms, but they all share a common denominator: they […]

decentralized autonomous organizations

Some Useful Applications of DAOs

How some Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are bringing value to the real world It’s no longer enough to build a software solution that meets your business needs. You need to bring that solution into the real world and have it make […]

start your own podcast

Starting your own podcast

Starting your own podcast Everyone is podcasting. From established celebrities like Hugh Laurie and John Green to up-and-coming journalists, everyone is creating podcasts for a growing audience of listeners who are eager to hear about niche topics, breaking news, and […]